Women In Ministry Roll Call

We believe in women in ministry! God’s church needs women, as professionals and volunteers, actively laboring in church ministry. Are you presently working for the Lord within your heaven-ordained, God-given role—using your time and talents for the building up of His kingdom? If so, please let us know!

In the comment box below, please share your name and a sentence or two sharing how and where you are presently ministering on the Lord’s behalf. We hope and pray that this will encourage other women to use their talents in the Lord’s service as well.

Please be as brief as possible. Example:

Shuana B.
Outreach Coordinator, Anytown SDA Church

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  • I was so glad to hear about this vote. It reveals the work of the Spirit that still beckons us to trust in His power to make us one and cast off the chains of this world that uses rule, power and authority to deceive us into a false sense of unity. Praise the Lord that He has emboldened the leaders of the Pacific Union, may He reveal what he can do and put our petty attempts to shame.

  • Brian

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about…. EGW was ordained herself….. so what is the problem? If she can be ordained, then why not other women? Case closed!

  • GraciaSolaMD

    I am very disheartened to see what’s going in the church. But i am convinced more than ever that the signs of the times are happening before our eyes. It is very unbelievable for longtime leaders in CUC and PIUC who went ahead and deciding against due process from the GC. very soon , their true colors will be revealed. Its even showing now by the way they deride and unloving way they talk against the leaders and those that disagree with them.
    This is the time hat we need to be more faithful and hold on to jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.
    Do not allow the spirit of dissatisfaction and discontent…rob us from our true mission. satan is indeed working hard because he knows his time is short. Let us remain in the side of God.
    Difficult times are ahead. The spirit of prophecy said, that in the end times, the church will seem to fall,,but in the right time, God will hold the church high and will come out victorious.
    I am a woman too and very active in my personal witness and ministry for God, by His grace. I don’t need an ordination to be effective in His service. I only need to abide by the Holy spirit.
    I understand, you female theologians need to have the same equal pay with male pastors…you can negotiate the equal pay, without planitng dissention and disunity. Do not allow the spirit of korah to overcome you.
    God will see us through little flock.

    • Becca

      Very well said…my feelings exactly

  • Char

    I don’t know if anyone will see this, but I am concerned with a statement in the web page. In the comments thanking everyone for signing the petition and along with Elder Wilson’s support plus others helping to change the PUC vote. The statement “We won the most important vote by the narrowest possible margin!” is not correct. There are 2 resons that “We” DID NOT win anything. 1. God should be the subject of this NOT we.
    We must be careful to always give God the glory for every big and little thing in our lives. Only by His grace are these minute victories won. Praise His name. 2. When families are a odds with one another, it does not matter which point of view gains victory–both sides lose! The torment caused by the decision of those who want to change the Word of God by doing things their way is effectively ripping the church family apart. No matter who gains ground of their view–the Seventh-day Adventist Church family will be torn and divided until Jesus comes in glory to take home, those who followed and obeyed His voice. Instead of rejoicing over leaping this minor hurdle, we should be PRAYING, PRAYING, PRAYING!

  • mbalgobin

    In signing the petition, I did not mean to disagree with the ordination of women as absolute rule. A woman’s first role is with her children and her husband. However, when a woman does not have this responsibilty, it should not be a problem. There are biblical and historical examples of female prophets and church leaders. Women who dedicate their lives to ministry and have no children or have grown children should be given the option to serve.

    • Ani

      I respectfully disagree, mbalgobin. Ellen White served the Lord full time, even while raising her sons. To limit a woman to minister only if she has no children or to tell her to wait until her children are grown will greatly hinder the spread of the gospel and her personal spiritual growth. Just think of the many missionaries in our church both abroad and at home who are raising children and serving the Lord alongside their spouses. Based upon your argument, even if a woman is ordained, she should only serve if she is either a). single, b). childless or c). older. Yes, a married woman’s responsibility is to her husband before other individuals, just as a married man’s responsibility is to his wife first, then to his family before others. But both have a primary responsibility to the the Lord. They can serve the Lord fully because their first responsibility is to Him. I think serving is not synonymous with ordination; whether a person is ordained or not, each has a part to play in the spread of the gospel.

      • Ani

        Oh, when I said ‘to minister’, I meant it in a broad sense…to take part in the multifaceted ministry of spreading the gospel.

      • mbalgobin

        Thank you Ani for your candid reply. As the mom of a tot in the final events of history, I know Satan is out at his best to destroy families and I am doing my best to provide all the affection and attention my son and husband need. My home is God’s mission field to me.
        Certainly, when I am more available, if God calls me to another mission field, I will be happy to go.
        But I must reiterate my stand…to refuse women ordination purely on the basis of gender is to say that women should not teach boys beyond the age of puberty, be lecturers, be line supervisors in factories, managers in corporations….this just does not sound Christ-like.

        • Ani

          I respect your stance, mbalgobin & your dedication to your God-given mission field-your home & family. Why am I just now responding? Forgive me for my slackness; I had forgotten about this blog.

  • anonymous

    Interesting, 7,000+ people signed, we were beginning to wonder if we were near alone in standing the line on this issue. We see now God still does have a reserve. … “Yet I have reserved seven thousand in Israel, all whose knees have not bowed to Baal, and every mouth that has not kissed him.” -1 Kings 19:18 NKJV

    • Jim Jinez

      Don’t be so sure. There are millions of Adventists and the analysis of the signatures are mainly purchased or bogus names. The fundamentalists are in the loud minority. Every vote has been for women’s equality.

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  • Linda Spady

    We belong to a little, mostly collegiate church where those who are willing have the joy of preaching and leading out in music ministry, and helping prepare food for our weekly potlucks. Giving at church is an incredible gift!
    Linda S
    Blessed Churchmember

  • Recovering Adventist

    As a recovering and thankfully former Adventist, these are the types of issues and conversations that demonstrate with great clarity just how cultish the SDA church is. While you’re at it, why stop at opposing womens’ ordination and just go for complete silence of women in church as your dear Paul wrote… Oh that’s right, you interpret some passages differently than the literal interpretation of other equally ridiculous biblical “truths”. On second thought, I’ve changed my mind… Perhaps the women who support the ban on womens’ ordination are crazy like a fox… Only men would be mentally challenged enough to continue to peddle this unsupportable drivel. My advice to anyone who reads this prior to removing this comment would be to get an education and start questioning why the SDA brand is the only “right brand”.

    • Educate Truth

      Amen. The cultish fundamentalists that promote the abuse of women with their BIble are seeing the end of their days and they are desperate.

      • Iris Ricks

        Good Point. Adventism (fundamental variety) is a cult. There is no doubt. The definition:

        1. a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.

        – EGW, IJ, EGW

        2. a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.

        – True on all accounts. Ask anyone on your street.

        3. a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.

        – EGW, The 10 Commandments

  • P Longo

    I just saw a comment on Facebook that any religion that believes that one gender has more right to lead than the other is just wrong. This is so true. This is very wrong. The so-called leader is wrong and his small band of followers are at odds with Jesus.

    • msles70

      Would it be possible to give a Scriptural text in support of your position that men do not have the right to lead spiritually? I am certainly open to argument, but I need to hear one based on the Bible, not cultural opinions. Thank you in advance for helping.

  • Claudia Francesca Scavella

    I am currently a mom of two another on the way i spread the three angels messages via youtube and facebook. i was sabbath school teacher and i help out with our health and temperance whenever called upon. Nassau, New Providence Bahamas Grants Town church.

  • Leslie Rusgrove

    I am first a wife & mom. I am a SS teacher, am on evangelism committee, am school board secretary. I have led out in cooking schools. In my own personal outreach I am a doula & childbirth educator. I don’t need to be ordained to serve! My husband could not give birth to or breastfeed our children, but he is happy to take part in his own way. The same with ordination. I don’t need to be ordained to do the work God has given to me.