Adventist Union Rejects World Church Policy Regarding Women’s Ordination

In spite of a clear and heartfelt appeal from Ted Wilson, world president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the Columbia Union Conference voted on July 29, 2012, to ordain women as pastors.

This historic action creates a doctrinal rift between the union, most of the Mid-Atlantic conferences, and the majority of the world church. Elder Wilson cautioned this divisive vote could produce “many grave consequences” and lead to fragmentation and disunity.[1]

Founded in part by Ellen White, the Adventist Church has always supported women being active in a broad spectrum of ministry. Yet the Sunday vote represents a major departure from the historic Adventist position that the Scriptures only support men being ordained as pastors.

The Pacific Union Conference is scheduled to consider a similar vote on August 19 in Southern California. If you are opposed to North American Conferences separating theologically from the world church:

  1. Please review the material here at Christ or Culture
  2. Sign the petition
  3. Forward to loyal SDA friends

The petition and growing body of information will be presented to all the NAD and GC leaders prior to the August 19 vote.

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Visit the comments page setup by the Columbia Union to voice your concerns here

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